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Executive Committee

The GlobalPSC Board comprises members representing a diverse range of experience and insights.

John Polhill

  • Vice President of GlobalPSC
  • Principal of Circular-e Solutions

John is a qualified sustainability and engineering professional with over 20 years’ experience across industry and government organisations.

Over the last decade John has focused on the resource recovery industry primarily to increase landfill diversion of difficult to recycle products including old tyres, e-waste, plastics, oil and oil containers, C&D wastes, household chemicals, and EoL batteries and paint, to name a few.

Product stewardship and economic viability are the core principles of John’s approach to assessing products’ lifecycle, recyclability and current and innovative recovery solutions to ensure both environmental and business objectives are met.

John has been fortunate enough to be involved with product design and manufacture, product efficiency, resource recovery infrastructure deployment, waste policy implementation, product stewardship design and implementation and business development and strategy planning. Its this combination of experiences that provide John with a wholistic lens to assess and develop options for optimal resource recovery models.

John also holds a Master of Corporate Sustainability Management from Monash University, Australia.


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