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Agsafe is an industry-led not for profit stewardship organisation committed to safety and product stewardship for the Agricultural Chemical (Ag-Chem) supply chain.

Agsafe’s training, accreditation and waste management programs support safe handling, storage, transport and disposal of Ag-Chem products; through key inputs with manufacturers and retailers of these products. After use on farms, the recycling of containers and responsible disposal of obsolete chemicals is enabled by drumMUSTER and ChemClear. Agsafe’s programs ensures sustainable and safe practices these stages of the chemical lifecycle.

By collecting empty farm chemical containers for recycling, drumMUSTER has diverted more than 34 million drums from landfill since 1999. The drums are used to manufacture construction materials, garden and landscaping products, pipes and fencing.

ChemClear enables land owners to responsibly dispose of agricultural and veterinary chemicals by enabling the collection of these unwanted and obsolete products; removing these products off farms and out of rural communities.


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